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Important Information

  • Queries are encouraged to be made off-anon as to be answered privately and kept from flooding dashboards.
  • All confessions are posted anonymously and you are more than welcome to submit your own graphics.
  • Make sure to attach the current date to your submissions so we can keep track of which confession was submitted when.
  • We do not own any of the pictures we use.
  • Under no circumstances will hateful confessions ever be posted. In extension: Do not submit anything that would be considered ‘hate’ if you posted it in someone’s ask box on their personal blog. Be constructive and not spiteful with your criticism.
  • Confessions that objectify members of Team StarKid are discouraged from being submitted.
  • Real-Life shipping confessions will not be posted on this page.
  • On Bonnie Gruesen and Team StarKid: We know of no specific details, but it is assumed amongst most of the fandom that there has been a fallout of sorts between Bonnie and the Team that has led to her discontinuation of work with StarKid. Indicators of said fallout include her un-following of the entirety of the Team on Twitter and the deletion of her YouTube channel, which played host to several videos documenting their memories from college and backstage clips from the Potter parody musicals. 

Feel free to ask any questions!